100 Ways to Make $100 This Weekend

You have come to the right place if you are looking for ways to earn $100 quickly. Whether you need to pay a bill, save up for something special, or just want some extra cash, this blog post is filled with a variety of creative and effective ways to make money over the weekend.

From selling items you no longer need to offering your services, there are countless opportunities to reach your financial goal.

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  1. Hold a Garage Sale
  2. Sell something around the house on eBay
  3. Sell something around the house at a pawn shop
  4. Do some quick jobs (think moving or electronic set up) on Craigslist
  5. Drop off old clothes (in good condition) at a local consignment shop
  6. Sell your used books (think Half Price Books or similar)
  7. Sell your CDs or movies at a local video store
  8. Sell your stuff on Craiglist
  9. Offer a service on Craiglist (like cracked iPhone screen fix..psstt, this is easy to do by the way)
  10. Sell your expertise (consulting)
  11. Sell your expertise (services..think Pinterest management)
  12. Walk a dog (check out Wag)
  13. Take a survey (my favorite high paying survey company)
  14. Take a panel (I just earned $110 from this one)
  15. Freelance graphic design
  16. Freelance social media marketing
  17. Freelance consulting
  18. Freelance copywriting
  19. Freelance proofreading
  20. Freelance transcription work
  21. Freelance translation
  22. Freelance virtual assisting
  23. Freelance ecommerce store management
  24. Freelance blog management
  25. Freelance voiceover
  26. Get paid to answer questions: Keen, LivePerson, JustAnswer
  27. Sell digital products
  28. Drive for Uber or Lyft
  29. Deliver groceries for Instacart
  30. Do deliveries for Postmates
  31. Do deliveries and pickups for Doordash
  32. Break into affiliate marketing
  33. Start a YouTube channel and monetize with affiliate links
  34. Teach online courses
  35. Self publish a book
  36. Do retail arbitrage
  37. Get paid to tweet
  38. Get paid to host a giveaway
  39. Get paid to host an event
  40. Get paid to post on Instagram or Twitter
  41. Sell your photos online
  42. Start a Fiverr business
  43. Take Udemy courses and learn how to blog
  44. Sell goods on Amazon
  45. Sell goods on Bonanza
  46. Sell retail on daily deals sites like Jane
  47. Write for a content mill like Listverse
  48. Petsitting
  49. Babysitting
  50. Housesitting
  51. Online gambling
  52. Get paid to play with apps
  53. Do online tech support
  54. Teach English to Chinese students (here, here, or here)
  55. Get paid to write reviews on your blog
  56. Get paid for video demos on your blog
  57. Get paid to host giveaways on your blog
  58. Donate plasma
  59. Mow lawns
  60. Do lawnwork
  61. Do landscaping
  62. Have a bake sale
  63. Join Upwork and do some odd jobs
  64. Put a post on Facebook for any friends that need work done in your field
  65. Pawn electronics you no longer user
  66. Pawn jewelry you no longer wear
  67. Pawn designer sunglasses or handbags you no longer use
  68. Hit up Backpage and see what odd jobs you can do
  69. Pitch local companies for odd jobs like delivery or handing out flyers
  70. Go to a college campus and look at their HELP WANTED board for opportunities
  71. Go to the newspaper and look at gigs and jobs wanted urgently so you can get a paycheck this weekend
  72. Pitch local businesses to do social media marketing work for them
  73. Pitch local businesses to do content writing work from them
  74. Find writing gigs on Problogger (psstt..once you find a match, you usually get paid upfront)
  75. Pitch bloggers to do virtual assistant work
  76. Open up a Shopify store and dropship products
  77. Start a pet grooming service business
  78. Open up a booth at a flea market
  79. Do online proofreading
  80. Sell custom tees on Teespring
  81. Sell unwanted gift cards in person
  82. Sell unwanted gift cards to Raise
  83. Drop off your unused extra cell phone or tablet at a Gazelle kiosk
  84. Pitch unmobile-friendly website local businesses, a mobile-friendly website
  85. Wash cars in a parking lot
  86. Do a voiceover on Fiverr
  87. Design YouTube covers on Fiverr
  88. Create a video intro on Fiverr
  89. Resell web traffic to companies on Fiverr
  90. Write resumes on Upwork
  91. Write sales copy on Upwork
  92. Write college essays on Fiverr
  93. Domain name flipping
  94. Website flipping
  95. Turn in old video games at a local pawn shop
  96. Turn in your extra computer monitor at a local pawn shop
  97. Pawn shop product flipping
  98. Do laundry for someone else
  99. Sell old textbooks
  100. Consulting on Upwork


With these considerations, you now have a variety of creative and practical ideas to help you make $100 this weekend. Whether you choose to sell items online, offer a service, or participate in a gig economy platform, there are plenty of options available to help you reach your financial goal quickly. Remember to prioritize tasks that align with your skills, interests, and resources to make the most of your time and efforts.

By exploring different ways to generate income and taking advantage of opportunities around you, you can easily earn extra money in a short period. So, roll up your sleeves, get creative, and start working towards making $100 this weekend. Good luck!

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