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What's This?

Hi!! And welcome to Millennial Money Mama

My names Adriana and I’m a Millennial Momma! I have two beautiful baby girls, Alexandra (Lexi) who’s 5 years old, and Sophie, who’s 3.

I am a Full-Time Mom and Full-Time Blogger.

It wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine. I got pregnant with Lexi when I was 20 and still in College. My boyfriend at the time (now ex) helped out a lot in the beginning and I am very thankful to both him and my family for helping me finish my degree with a newborn.

I got a job in marketing (which I quickly disliked) and realized I wanted to work for myself, but I needed the money.

I had College debt and a baby to think about! Then, I got pregnant again. I always wanted to have more than one child. I was an only child growing up and I knew I wanted two or three. (Only children can relate!)

My second pregnancy was rough though. My ex and I were starting to grow apart and we wanted to make things work but it just wasn’t a right fit for us anymore.

In 2016 I was in a single mother of two, with debt and a soul-crushing corporate job. I was incredibly unhappy with my life and knew something needed to change, but I didn’t know what or how.

I was spending long hours at the office and barely ever seeing my girls. They were spending most of their time with the nanny or their father. My ex and I remained on good terms but I knew the amount of debt and the fact my job had me working 60+ hours a week could risk me losing full custody of my girls.

I became incredibly desperate to get out of debt and gain financial freedom. I bought The Four Hour Work Week and read it in less than a week. I couldn’t believe this was the first time I had heard about Passive Income! I became completely and utterly obsessed.

That was the life I wanted! I wanted to work from anywhere at any time and be with my girls!

And I knew that creating a Passive Income Stream was the only way I could guarantee keeping my girls.

about me

So I dove right in –

I started on Shopify dropshipping products from Aliexpress

I could only work on my site when the girls were sleeping or the weekends their father had them. It took me about one month to launch! (I know!)

I sold mostly t-shirts, tanks, and sweaters! I made my first sale the week I launched!! A whopping $34!! I couldn’t believe it, I felt like I was really onto something.

Overtime, the store grew more and more, but my margins were still thin. On top of that, it wasn’t very ‘passive.’

In it’s peak, my site was generating over 50 orders a day! I was making over $4,000 a month (which was great!) but fulfilling the orders was incredibly time-consuming and tedious. (Nowadays, there’s software that automates this, but back then I didn’t know of any).

I was finally making enough money to quit my job and work from home! But I didn’t have the freedom I wanted.

I wanted to be able to spend more time with my girls, not be glued to a computer screen fulfilling orders.

So I decided to sell. I sold my Shopify store for a nice lump some!

I was finally completely out of debt!

At this point in my journey, I was spending hours upon hours on Pinterest.

I read countless income reports from bloggers and realized that this was something that really could generate the passive income I wanted.

In February 2017 I launched my first blog! It was a craft/DIY blog that showcased fun at-home projects to do with your kiddos on a budget.

By August 2017 I was getting over 100k hits a month on my blog! At this point I didn’t know how to monetize a blog properly but was making decent money from Affiliates and Ads.

about Adriana Millennial Money Mama


Best part of all, it was all on MY schedule! I didn’t have to spend hours placing orders or dealing with customer emails asking where their parcel was!

Again, I decided to sell the site. Although it was generating decent money, my passion was helping other single moms get out of debt and work from home. This time, I sold the site for almost six figures!!

And that’s where MillennialMoneyMama came from

I know what it’s like to struggle to make money online, there is SO MUCH information.

But honestly, there’s nothing special about me. I am not anymore qualified or talented than the next gal

All I do is I work fast and fail fast! Then I learn, make adjustments, and keep going.

If you want to make an income online, all you have to do is be willing to make mistakes and learn from them.

But instead of making the same mistakes I have made, I have compounded everything I’ve learnt (and am learning) into this site. I hope you enjoy the resources I provide that will help you get started on the right path


Helpful Posts


Whether you want to get out of debt, create a side hustle, or quite your job and create a successful blog – Millennial Money Mama i here to help!

I enjoy sharing the latest news to help you break free from your 9 to 5 and pursue your dream of entrepreneurship just like I have!

Because I’m a frugal fanatic, you’ll also learn my best tips and hacks to budget, save money, and catch great deals. Thanks for visiting MillennialMoneyMama, I hope you’ll stick around!

Wanna say hi?

Send me a message at hello[at] Millennialmoneymama [dot] com

xoxo, Adriana

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