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How Tailwind Helped Me Create a Pinterest Side Hustle

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What's This?

How Tailwind Helped Me Create a Pinterest Side Hustle

Yes, it’s true! Tailwind helped me create a Pinterest side hustle. I’ve earned thousands of dollars in extra income as a Pinterest VA with the help of Tailwind. Read on to learn how I did it, including how I started, exactly how much I make, and how you can get started if you have interest in earning extra income.

What the Heck is Tailwind?

How Tailwind Helped Me Create a Pinterest Side Hustle

Tailwind is an automation software tool that makes autoscheduling social media posts such a breeze! You can literally schedule a week of posts in like 10-15 minutes, if that! It started with my blog. I kept hearing about Tailwind so I tried their 14 day free trial.

I fell in love so much and saw how my traffic increased with regular social media scheduling so I upgraded before my trial ended! At under $10/month, it’s an affordable solution that you cannot afford to miss out on! In fact, I have multiple Tailwind accounts! More on this later.

How Tailwind Works

You can use it for Pinterest and Instagram. It all starts with your queue.

How Tailwind Helped Me Create a Pinterest Side Hustle

You can set up your activity schedule and choose how often you want to post, like 10 times/day or 100 times/day and everything inbetween.

There is a simple plugin you can add to your browser to make sourcing your content super easy.

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Step 1.) Add the plugin

Step 2.) Go to Pinterest and start pinning using the Tailwind icon on the pin

This will instantly transport the pin to your queue, making it super easy for scheduling.

Why Use Automation for Social Media?

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Frankly, it saves a ton of time!

I mean, you could save some money and manually post your content, curate content, rinse and repeat everyday OR you could spend around $10 a month and get it all done, for the week, in just 10-15 minutes. Time is money. Your time is valuable.

If you don’t believe me, test it out, here’s the trial. It’s 14 days and shows you the ropes of it all. Dive in from day one and you won’t look back.

My results?

When I first started using Tailwind, I saved hours off my week and because my time was being used more efficiently, I saw a big increase in revenue and in traffic. Win-win-win!

I’ve been with Tailwind for several years now and have multiple accounts. These accounts pay for themselves. Here’s how…

My Pinterest Side Hustle

I get paid to manage Pinterest accounts for companies. Pretty cool, huh?

I do a few different things including optimizing the Pinterest account, creating, adding, editing boards, adding board descriptions, pinning regularly, and much more. Tailwind helps out with this so much. Because I cut my time so much, I can have more clients. More clients = more money!

Interested in Getting Paid to Pin?

I will show you exactly how I did it. Click below and I’ll send you my step-by-step instructions for how I started a Pinterest side hustle.

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It’s really cool because you can get paid to pin for companies and make it a part time or full time income. Can you imagine? Pinning for others’ as your actual job! Many people do it and you can join them!

How much can you make?

This Pinterest hustle will be your own business. You set your rates, you decide your terms, contract lengths, etc. I usually earn $300-$600 per month per client to manage Pinterest. This rate increases if more platforms are added, like Instagram (psstt..you can also use Tailwind for this), Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks.

Introducing Tailwind's Instagram Hashtag Finder

1 client =$450

10 clients=$4,500

25 clients=$$11,250

This is on a monthly basis too, by the way. Excited yet?

Final Thoughts

Whether it be for you or for clients, Tailwind is a must have tool. Check out their 14 day trial. I bet you’ll upgrade before the trial ends. That’s how much I love using Tailwind. It’s user-friendly, fun to use, quick, and a time saver. You will fall in love!

Do you have any questions about Tailwind? Comment below so we can chat about it.

How Tailwind Helped Me Create a Pinterest Side Hustl

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How to Start a Pinterest Side Hustle

Grab the checklist with exact steps of how I started professionally pinning for companies.

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