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10 Ways Moms Can Earn Side Income from Home

10 Ways Moms Can Earn Side Income from Home
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10 Ways Moms Can Earn Side Income from Home

Are you a stay at home mom with a burning desire to earn money and contribute to the household? Have an interest to become an entrepreneur working from home?  I had a similar story and now, 5 years later, I’m still enjoying work from home freedom being a stay at home mom running my businesses. Check out these 10 ways moms can earn side income from home.

Moms CAN Earn Side Income from Home

Yes, it can be done!

1.) Blogging

10 ways moms can earn side income from home

This is my #1 for many reasons. A lot of folks don’t know that bloggers actually make money. And, they can make A LOT of money.

Me? I’ve made thousands and thousands from blogging. I have owned 8 blogs and I banked over $50K last year from my blogging ventures.

It’s super affordable to get started:

Step 1.) Get hosting and domain (starts at $2.95/month)

Step 2.) Connect WordPress (use Bluehost’s 1-click installation, super easy)

Step 3.) Add content and design (this means write articles and add a theme)

Step 4.) Monetize and promote (monetize with affiliate links, ads, and other methods and promote for traffic)

I read stories all the time about beginners earning thousands in their first months and skyrocketing from there. It’s one of the cheapest startup businesses you can do. My total cost is always under $50-$100 for every new blog I start (did I mention I blog flip?). Check it out.

2.) Take surveys

You are a busy mom, juggling house and mommyhood. Maybe you only have a few minutes here or there or an hour at naptime to do some small work.  Surveys are perfect for you!

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Now, you won’t be making a full time income most likely, but you can still earn a lot with survey taking. Here are some of my favorite survey sites to get started with:

3.) Home Goods Flipping

This is just what it sounds like. You flip the goods in your home! That means you survey your entire house. Pick out things that are old, you don’t use, you can regift, etc.


  • Small appliances
  • Outgrown kids clothes
  • Old electronics
  • Home decor items
  • Gaming systems

Then, you sell them! You can sell in person or online. In person, you can hold a garage sale or take your stuff to a local consignment store, or Craigslist.  Online you just list your products on marketplace sites like eBay. Easy.

4.) Teach English to students online

There are many opportunities online to teach children in China English. Teachers are earning $1,500-$2,500 per month doing this. It’s a really incredible opportunity and rewarding experience. This is the perfect side hustle for moms.

5.) Become an Influencer

How to Use Pinterest hashtags to increase your traffic

Similar to #1 a bit, becoming an influencer focuses solely on mostly social media. So if you have a huge social media following on Instagram, Twitter or really any network, this opportunity might be for you.  Companies will pay you hundreds and/or thousands to talk about their product.

How it works?

A company will send you a product to review. You review it, talking about the product with your fans on social media. That’s it! You may even make commissions on sales you product, in addition to your sponsorship fee!

6.) Get Paid to Pin

If you are as obsessed with Pinterest as I am, you’re gonna love this! You can get paid to pin!

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Step 1.) Sign up with affiliate programs

Step 2.) Design Pinterest graphics with Canva

Step 3.) Add pins to your Pinterest account (link to affiliate product)

As your pin circulates, any sales that result earn you commission! There are affiliates earning $10K per month doing this. It’s great because all you need is a Pinterest account. No website required. Pretty cool, huh?

7.) Sell Your Crafts Online

Do you have a crafty passion or hobby? You can sell your crafts on Etsy!  Some ideas:

  • Knitwear (scarves, gloves, blankets, etc.)
  • Baked goods (hand pies, cookies, etc.)
  • Printables

Starting this online business is rewarding and fun. It’s a fun project you can start on the side affordably and easily!

8.) Become a Virtual Assistant

You will fall in love with this flexible position. Work as an assistant for someone doing admin tasks like responding to emails, scheduling meetings, scheduling social media posts, etc. You can do this for multiple people too, increasing your income. This is great because you can do it full time or part time.

Find opportunities in job boards like Indeed or freelancer sites like Upwork. Facebook groups are also a good place to find leads for work.

9.) Get Paid to Post to Social Media

You’ll be working as a social media manager. How fun would it be to post to Facebook and Twitter for companies? You get to really express your creative side writing captivating captions and designing social media graphics. I have been doing this on the side for years and absolutely love it!

I get my leads from here: Upwork

10.) Start a Dropshipping Business

10 ways moms can earn side income from home

This can be very profitable. Basically, you start an online store where you dropship products to customers. This is truly magical because you will NOT have to carry inventory.

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I have worked in e-commerce for several years and this was a major pain point for me. It’s hard work and tedious to fulfill customer orders. Dropshipping takes this completely off your hands.

Here’s how you do it:

1.) Select a niche (what you will be selling)

2.) Find suppliers (locate dropship suppliers–try Aliexpress)

3.) Build your store (check out my #1 store builder recommendation–from personal experience)

4.) Promote, make sales and get paid!

I used to earn around $4K to $5K per month dropshipping part time.

Final Thoughts

10 ways moms can earn side income from home, there you have it! Extra ideas? Share them in comments so I can add to the list!!

10 ways moms can earn side income from home
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