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12 Ways To Make Money When You’re Broke

12 Ways To Make Money When You’re Broke
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Are you looking for ways to make money when you’re broke?

We all want to make some extra cash, whether that’s to get out of debt, go on that dream vacation, or simply just have some extra spending money.

So I have compiled a list of ways you can make some extra money when you’re broke.

Most of the things on this list is stuff you’re likely already doing! So why not get paid for it? If you watch TV, go shopping, and have opinions, then this is the right resource for you.

Explore these clever ways to have some extra cash on hand and supplement your income.

Let get right into 12 ways to make money when you’re broke!


Share Your Thoughts


We all have opinions we want to share. I mean, that’s why Reddit is so dang popular. Just a huge forum of people talking about what’s on their mind and sharing experiences. But what if you could get paid to give your opinion? Simply express your views on brands and products and get paid for doing so? You actually can! Companies like Swagbucks do just that, you get a FREE $5.00 just for signing up.


Swagbucks is possibly the most popular one but there are plenty more out there that are legit. Try Ipsos I-Say, Harris Poll Online, and Vindale Research to see which one you like best.



Walk Dogs


There are so many people out there that work late or just don’t have the time to walk their dogs every day. Being a dog walker can earn you some extra money while you get some exercise in as well! Sites like Rover make it easy to create an account and get booked. You can make anywhere between $15 and $25 per 30 minute walk!

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And if you have a fenced yard you can even start a Doggie Day Care for when your clients travel. Great (and fun!) little side hustle.



Play Games


Another highly enjoyable activity. Everybody enjoys playing games, but what if you could get payed to play? With sites like Swagbucks  and InboxDollars you can do just that!

Sign up with InboxDollars today and get $5.00 just for signing up!


Surf The Web


You’re doing it now, why not get paid for it? I spend a big portion of my day surfing the web, so I signed up for Nielsen Digital Panel (alternatively, Smart Panel provides a similar service). All you do is sign up, install the app on your browser, and then go about your day.

Read My Full Review Of Nielsen Digital Panel Here


Rent Our Your Spare Room


Most of us have a spare room we just keep crap we don’t use in (you know you do!). So clean it up, make it look nice and cozy and list it on AirBnb. Even if you don’t think you live in an exciting town, I assure you, there are people that would be interested in renting your room. I have seen some incredible prices on AirBnB! The good thing is most people don’t just spend one night. If you just rent it out a couple of days a week, you can cover your groceries, or maybe even your rent!


Teach English

No, you don’t need a degree in literature or anything technical. If you are fluent in English and have a Bachelors degree (in any field) you can sign up for VIPKID. You are given students in China and you don’t have to come up with the curriculum, it’s all done for you ahead of time by the company. Teachers get paid between $14 and $22 an hour! This is a great side-hustle idea for many of you.

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Read My Full Review Of VIPKid Here


Shop On Amazon


This is one of those you just set and forget! ShopTracker is a research company that tracks your orders and at the end of the month you answer a few brief questions.

ShopTracker instantly sends you $3.00 Visa Gift Card for signing up, and then $3.00 more a month for every month you keep the app.

You won’t break the bank, but I don’t turn my nose up at $36 a year for doing nothing. 



Answer Questions


If you have a vast knowledge on any specific topic, you can hang out in sites like JustAnswer or Experts123 to get compensated for your knowledge. Some questions might be technical, but many regard general topics you could easily answer if your familiar with the topic.



Stay Fit


What if I told you there are companies out thee that pay you to keep fit? Too good to be true? With HealthyWage you make small bets about how much weight you lose, if you accomplish your goal weight, you get a huge prize bonus. Perfect way to motivate yourself to get back in shape!




Read Emails


Probably not as exciting as getting paid to lose weight, but did you know companies like CashCrate, and InboxDollars pay you to read emails? Sign up with InboxDollars today and get $5.00 just for signing up!



Sell Your Old Books


If you have a collection of books you’ve read (and arent planning on rereading), why not sell them for a quick buck? I know I personally only buy secondhand books.

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You can use popular sites like Amazon or BookScouter to do this. Takes very little time and you can make an easy $100 bucks (or more if you have an extensive collection)



Minimize Your Wardobe


Minimalism is huge nowadays, but you don’t have to be a minimalist to sell some things you have worn in ages! Sites like  Poshmark and thredUP are entirely secondhand stores. You decide your prices, and it’s fairly quick and easy.



And there you have it. Easy ways to make money when you’re broke! Most of these ideas aren’t exactly a side-hustle, but you can certainly make an easy $500 if you just implement 3 or 4 of these at a time.


12 Easy Ways To Make Money When You're Broke

12 Easy Ways To Make Money When You're Broke/div>

12 Ways To Make Money When You're Broke








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