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13 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Blog

13 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Blog
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13 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Blog

13 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Blog
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Traffic can be a doozy. You’re a new blogger or an existing blogger and you’re having trouble getting visitors. You don’t wanna stay stagnant, you wanna keep pushing so your blog can grow and you can have a larger audience. But, how?

Keep reading to learn these 13 ways to drive traffic to your blog and oh, by the way, they’re ALL FREE!

1.) Facebook

This is always where I start when I launch a new blog. Facebook is so easy to begin with your traffic efforts. Here’s what to do:

First, create a fan page. Then, add stuff to it. Post weekly, add a mix of different content like videos, memes, etc. Finally, head to the groups!

2.) Facebook groups

Facebook groups are where it’s at. You want to join A LOT of groups. Like, A LOT! I mean like as many as you can. Psstt..I am in over 200. Yes, not a typo.

Join groups for engagement and community. Engagement groups have threads that you can participate in for traffic. Some examples: clickthru threads, social media follow threads, retweet threads, etc. The goal of engagement groups is to get engagement going on your blog.

Community groups are there for support and networking. You’re gonna get your eduation on in these groups. You’ll learn a lot, share your knowledge, teach others, make friends, learn the latest news, network, and so much more.

It’s important to have BOTH of these types of groups in your traffic arsenal.

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3.) Quora

I’ve written about Quora over and over. I think it’s a big underutilized traffic source. Head to this blog where I wrote a story on how to properly use Quora to market your blog.

4.) Twitter

Twitter is super freakin easy. Create a free account, set up your profile, add your background and blog url, then get tweeting. It can be a little addictive but it’s very fun and a great place to build community and get traffic.

5.) Stumbleupon

This is one of the easiest social networks to go viral on. When you publish new posts, just go to Stumbleupon and submit your post ONCE. Only once! Very, very important. I’ve had posts submitted and stumbled 300+ times when my blog was under 30 days old! Talk about a traffic boost!

6.) Social sharing bars

If your blog is on WordPress, you MUST install a plugin for social sharing. This means, when a reader visits your post, they will be able to easily share it to the social platform of their choice.  The ability to share your content means that it’ll be seen more and drive more traffic back to the site.

7.) Instagram

13 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Blog

One of my favorite networks! You post photos with cool captions and hashtags. Then, wait. Wait for traffic to happen.  You gotta be active here pretty often. Do it daily if you can. This means post, like others’ content, make comments, follow others, all for the ability to grow your account.

I opened a new Instagram account and had my first 100 followers in the week, following these tips above!

8.) Reddit

Reddit is a tricky beast. I have to be honest. It’s very effective but redditors are die hard. You don’t wanna go spamming links in subreddits. Start by adding value. Answer some questions, comment on posts, ask questions of your own. Then, share valuable content in appropriate threads. Believe me when I say it’s easy to get ghost banned (it has happened to me).

9.) Google Plus

I am not a Google plusser often. I feel like using the platform will please the Google gods and reward you with some nice traffic. The few times I did regularly use G+, I had some nice traffic on site. Is it related to using the platform? Maybe. But, Google Plus has a whole nother’ community in itself. There are groups and all kinds of cool stuff. Check it out.

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10.) Email marketing

13 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Blog

You can get traffic by emailing your list. It’s as easy as sharing your latest post in an email or sharing some knowledge you recently learned, tips, best practices, etc. All these activities can drive traffic back to site.

11.) SFS

SFS stands for shoutout for shoutout. It means you shoutout another blog in exchange for a shoutout on your blog.

Example…you and another blogger in the same niche both have a similar audience and email list size. You send an email highlighting them and they do the same for you. That’s it, easy! You can also do SFS for social media posting and blog posts.

How to get started?

Send an email to a blogger you like. If you wanna find out more about their stats in advance, head to Similar Web and input their blog url to get a snapshot of where their traffic is. Compare to yours. If a winner, do outreach.

12.) Ask for it

An easy way to get traffic from a source you admire is to just ask for it. I usually feature them in a post, then email them to let them know. You can either ASK for or don’t ASK for a social share. You can get shares either way. I usually ask because it’s doesn’t hurt.

13.)  Pinterest

By far my top traffic source. Here’s how I make Pinterest work:

I get Tailwind. I fill up my queues, at around 75 pins/day. I pin manually throughout the week, here and there, when I’m free. Done.

The above probably takes about 30 minutes/week, if that.  The result? Gobs of traffic.

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Tailwind is my secret weapon. This one is not free but at under $10/month, it’s pretty close!

Final Thoughts

There you have it! You notice a lot of the free promotion methods are social media. They work! Interested in venturing into paid marketing? Like, paying $10 and earning $100? Pretty appealing, huh. Stay tuned, part 2 coming soon!

Share your thoughts on your own free ways to drive traffic, down below in comments!

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  • Thanks for Posting this! As a new blogger some days I see a lot of traffic and other days, not so much! I have never heard of stumbleUpon! I will definitely be looking into it! Thanks for the great Tips!

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