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25+ Ways to Make Extra Money Starting Today

25+ Ways to Make Extra Money Starting Today
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25+ Ways to Make Extra Money Starting Today

25+ ways to make extra money starting today
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Every day I’m hustling! Who feels like this? I’m gonna make it a whole lot easier for you. Check out these 40+ ways to make extra money starting TODAY! Yes, today! Take a look at the list:

1.) Blogging

This is an incredible way to supplement or even replace your full time income. Blog about your passions and get paid. Ok, so there’s more to it than that but there are bloggers earning $20K+ per month. Here’s a quick line up of how to get started:

Step 1.) Pick a niche (what you’re gonna blog about), domain name and blog name

Step 2.) Go to Bluehost and get hosting (plans start at $2.95/month)

Step 3.) On Bluehost’s backend do the One-Click WordPress install

Step 4.) Log into WordPress, pick a theme and start writing posts, then Launch!

I’ve blogged about: working from home, small biz, blogging, lifestyle, nutrition and wellness, personal finance, and travel. Some other popular well-paying niches: cars, career, fashion, beauty, mommy, lifestyle.

2.) Start an Online Biz

This is so easy. Pick a niche, like silk flowers or synthetic potted plants, build a store and sell your stuff.

3.) Dog walking

If you love animals, dog walking is definitely something you’ll enjoy. Get paid to exercise these fun, furry animals. This is starting a business.

No shortcuts here but it can start with something as easy as  few flyers in your neighborhood advertising your business, an ad in the paper or Craigslist and growth from there. It only takes a handful of clients to start earning a nice side hustle per month.

4.) Dog sitting

Those doggy daycare places are super expensive. Clients will be thrilled to find you, a more affordable pet sitting option.

For those times when people have business trips or days out with the family, they can rest assured knowing their pet is being taken out, fed, and played with. Same as with dog walking, this is a business and will take some hard work and effort to start up, but very rewarding.

5.) Website Flipping


This is definitely not newbie-friendly but you can make a lot of money if you’re an experienced blogger. If you know how to start a blog, generate traffic, and monetize it properly, you can easily sell a site for 2.5 times it’s yearly profit.

There’s a lot of people out there that like to purchase websites once they’re already turning a profit. The first couple of month can be hard (even for experienced bloggers) and they will pay a hefty amount.

I have seen plenty of sites get sold for six-figures. Some brand new blogs (under a year old) have been sold for almost 50k.

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6.) Thrift store flipping

This is as easy as it sounds.

Step 1.) Visit your favorite thrift store

Step 2.) Shop

Step 3.) Sell those items for a profit

Vintage and older items do very well here. Unique and one of a kind fare well too!

7.) Start an Online Bakery

I love to bake. How cool would it be to sell your baked treasures online! Check out some of my favorite stores on Etsy that does this:

You can sell in a marketplace like Etsy or build your own private store. So many possibilities here.

8.) Drive Part Time

Where my Uber or Lyft drivers at? This is cool because you can set your own schedule and get paid for driving. My brother in law does this for his full time job. I know moms who do this on the side for an extra $800-$1,000 per month.  It pays to drive, doesn’t it?

9.) Get a FREE custom paint job and Drive Around

I learned about this cool opportunity years ago. You can get your car wrapped and get paid to drive around. So, your driving schedule doesn’t actually change. If you typical weekday is, wake up, drive to work, drive to lunch, drive home, that stays the same.

Your normal driving activity is what you get paid on, because your wrapped car will display advertising. Everyone who sees your car, sees the ad, makes sense. And so, you get paid. The income varies on your driving activity, commute, location, etc. There may be vehicle restrictions as well. Check out this company and that company to learn more.

10.) Online Surveys

You can make money with online surveys. I have earned a few hundred per month with this. My favorites are:

The best way to do this: Create a separate email address for survey offers, start with around 3 survey companies, set a schedule, set a timer and start surveys! If you create a routine like this, you really maximize your time. It can make the difference between making $20/month and $200/month in survey income.

11.) Freelance

You can freelance write, freelance graphic design, freelance consult, etc. Tack a tally of your skills and start freelancing! You can go to hubs like Upwork to start, until you start developing your lead list and testimonials from clients. I’ve been doing this and have earned over $4K from Upwork.

12.) Become a Social Media Influencer

Do you have a massive social media following? Love being on social networks? How about try your hand at being an influencer. Influencers make a killing in sponsorship income! I just negotiated a deal for $1,200 for one campaign for one of my clients!  There is money in this.

Head to networks like:

And, check out opportunities.

13.) Run Pinterest for Companies

Work as a social media manager handling Pinterest accounts for brands, bloggers, and companies. You can charge hundreds or thousands per campaign.  Head to Upwork to get your foot in the door and start building your portfolio.  Psstt..I do this! Want my help? Contact me!

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14.) Become a Website Tester

Test sites. Pay is around $10 per test. Head to Usertesting to apply.

15.) Get Paid for Micro tasks

Register as a freelancer for sites like Fiverr or check out these 33 more micro task sites.

16.) Design Logos

If you have a love for or background in graphic design then logo design might be right up your alley. Find work in Facebook groups or freelance sites like Upwork or Freelancer.

17.) Sell Your Photography

25+ ways to make extra money starting today

Sell your photography. Take clear photos, consider using a light tent or photography kit. If you wanna make some real money, you gotta treat this like a business.

Then, hit up these sites:

18.) Sell Unwanted Household Goods for Cash

Go around your house, take inventory or what you don’t need or want, and make a pile. Then sell those goods! Sell them on Craiglist, eBay, ThredUp, or your local consignment shop.

19.) Sell Your Kids Outgrown Clothes

Same as above but for your kiddos outgrown clothes. You can do this several times a year if you have small kids like me that grow like weeds year round.

20.) Sell Your Old Electronics

25+ ways to make extra money starting today

Sites like Gazelle, Swappa, or OfferUp are great places to sell your electronics.

21.) Design + Sell Custom T-Shirts

With Teespring you can be a t-shirt millionaire in no time. Totally joking. But, you can make a lot of money. There have been t-shirt millionaires made, don’t get me wrong but it’s far and few between. Designing and selling tees is super fun and a great way to express your creative side.

22.) Sell Your Unwanted Gift Cards

Have you heard of gift card arbitrage? You buy gift cards low, on sale or something like a $30 gift card for $20 and sell it for $25. You just made $5!

You can also take your unwanted gift cards and sell them online on sites like Giftcard Granny.

23.) Online Research Studies

These are like surveys but extended. I’ve done a few. They can be 24 hours or 30 days long, anything inbetween, longer or shorter in duration. They usually pay better than surveys. A site to check out: 20/20 Research

24.) Get Paid to Shop Online

25+ ways to make extra money starting today

Hit up cashback sites like TopCashback. It’s free to register. All you do is select the merchant you want to shop from, like Target, Old Navy, JCPenney, etc. You are taken directly to the merchant’s site to do your online shopping like normal and you’re logged cash back. So it’s like literally getting paid to shop online.

You can accrue your cash back for cash, rewards, gift cards, etc. I read a story recently of a blogger who did this and banked $500 which she cashed out over the holidays for an Amazon gift card to buy holiday gifts. Sweet!

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25.) Do Affiliate Marketing

This is where the big bucks can take place. You get paid a commission to refer products and services to customers.  You can earn $.50 or $500 per sale, anything in between, less or more.

This wonder woman earns $50K+ per month just in affiliate earnings. She teaches her secret strategy here. After taking her advice, within 3 weeks, I earned 4X the affiliate income as the month prior!

26.) Teach Courses Online

25+ ways to make extra money starting today

This is a great source of passive income. Brand new instructors are having five figure launches and earning four to five figures monthly passively. You take your time, create a kick ass curriculum, put it together on Teachable, and launch!

27.) Start Copywriting

This is an INCREDIBLE WAY to make money. If you enjoy writing, you can add a few thousand dollars to your bank account every single month.

How to get started?

First, you gotta find clients. Head to writing Facebook groups, follow Twitter copywriting accounts for new openings an staff writing opportunities, and check out freelance job banks like Contena.

One of my first staff writing jobs was from Facebook! I had a member of my Facebook group contact me to join the company she was writing for! Incredible. I’ve had many more opportunities since then.

28.) Nanny

Do you have a babysitting background? Love kids? Why not nanny? It’s such a rewarding experience and a great opportunity for long term stable income.

29.) Sell Stuff on Social Media

Check out Spreesy, create your free store, connect your social media and start selling.  What can you sell?

  • Mugs
  • Printables
  • Baked goods
  • T-shirts
  • Fashion apparel
  • Footwear
  • Posters
  • Paper goods

And more. I’ve earned almost $100K from Spreesy alone. You will love it!

30.) Get Paid to Lose Weight

Healthy Wage! There are members earning thousands for losing weight. This is the real deal. A super cool concept you will love.

Wrap Up

Whew, there you go, 30 ways to make extra money starting today! Do you have some make money methods that aren’t on the list? Share down below so we can hear from you.

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