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40 Profitable Blog Ideas 2018

40 Profitable Blog Ideas 2018
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40 Profitable Blog Ideas 2018

40 Profitable Blog Ideas 2018

Interested in starting a blog in 2018? Blogging is so awesome. It’s very rewarding to share your experience and knowledge with others. You can develop a following, make friends, network, and make money. In fact, blogging can be very, very lucrative. Michelle makes over $50,000 per month (yes, I said per month) from her blog. Ashli makes $5K-$7K monthly from her brand new blog!

Join the bandwagon!

I started blogging a few years ago after the successful sale of my ecommerce business. I had worked with bloggers and influencers all throughout my ecommerce career. I never really knew what bloggers had to gain, other than free stuff, until I came across one of Michelle’s income report pins on Pinterest.

The pin led me to an article which revealed a $69K month she had from blogging!

I was simply floored. I dove in, learning as much as I could about blogging. Two weeks later, I launched my first blog. That blog earned me five figures less than a year later when I sold and started my blog flipping business. More on that here.

Ok, so let’s get to profitable blog ideas.

How to Pick a Profitable Blog Idea

Not every niche is created equally. Some are profitable and some are not. There is more to blogging than making money. You get a really great feeling helping others, teaching what you know and making connections but, it’s not bad to profit from your blog, that you pour hours of hard work and energy into.

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I’m making it easy for you! Look below to grab these 40 profitable blog ideas to start your blog this year!

And, by the way, if you need help starting your blog. Check out the quick start guide below to help you get going creating your blog in less than 20 minutes! Legit.

Ok, here we go…40 profitable blog ideas 2018…

1.) Blogging

2.) Fashion

3.) Plus size fashion

4.) Nutrition

5.) Mental health

6.) Minimalism

7.) Food and recipes

8.) Specialty diets (like gluten free, vegan, raw vegan, etc.)

9.) Small business

10.) Career

11.) Personal finance

12.) Budgeting

13.) Couponing

14.) Investing

15.) Retirement

16.) Parenting

17.) Special needs parenting

18.) Babies

19.) Education

20.) Organization

21.) Intentional living

22.) Cooking or baking

23.) Reviews

24.) Shopping

25.) Beauty

26.) Survivalist

27.) Home decor/interior design

28.) Travel

29.) Homesteading

30.) Fitness

31.) Lifestyle

32.) Weight loss

33.) Hair tutorials

34.) Beauty tutorials

35.) Hacks and general tutorials

36.) Electronics

37.) College lifestyle

38.) Millennial lifestyle

39.) Side hustles

40.) Podcasting

These blog niches are profitable because they can be tied to products and services, which means affiliate commission for you! They can be sponsored (more on getting paid to blog here) and they can branch off to create products of their own like courses or ebooks.

Ready to start your own blog?

40 Profitable Blog Ideas 2018

Here’s how to do it the quick and dirty way in under 20 minutes… (for a more comprehensive step-by-step guide click here)

Step 1.) Pick a Niche

They are listed above. Pick one!

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Step 2.) Get hosting and domain

Your blog will be self hosted. There’s really no better way to do it. It isn’t free but it is affordable. Bluehost offers hosting starting at just $2.95/month. I’ve used them over and over. Plus, they have a quick and easy 1-click WordPress install, which you’ll want to set up your blog uber-fast. And, domain is usually included for FREE with Bluehost.

Step 3.) Connect WordPress

Use Bluehost’s 1-click WordPress install. It takes seconds. You’ll find it in your Bluehost dashboard.

Step 4.) Set up your blog

The first 3 steps are done. Your blog is ready to be set up. This means, you add a theme, add content, start writing blog posts, add your About Me page, and more.

Easy, right?

Wrap Up

40 Profitable Blog Ideas 2018

So there you have it! Do you have a winning blog idea you’d like to add to the list? Comment below so we can keep expanding on this.

40 Profitable Blog Ideas 2018

40 Profitable Blog Ideas 2018
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6 thoughts on “40 Profitable Blog Ideas 2018”

  • These are great ideas. My blog has recipes and lifestyle posts, but I keep my niche to local as well. I do enjoy making connections with bloggers, both local and from all over the world.

  • What a great list. I’m launching a new blog on 5/1 that will combine a few of these. I hope to monetize this one faster than my first blog. I also pinned this! Your blog has great info.

  • That is a great list, surely anyone looking to blog will be able to find a niche to blog about. I didn’t see my nice, which is photography because I am a photographer (go figure, huh? ? ) But you did list small business’s and careers so photography would fit in to those two niche’s. I know it definitely can be hard to be profitable on my blog. I am fairly new so I’m not giving up.

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