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8 Stupid Simple Ways to Get Traffic to Your Dropshipping Store

8 Stupid Simple Ways to Get Traffic to Your Dropshipping Store
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8 Stupid Simple Ways to Get Traffic to Your Dropshipping Store

8 Stupid Simple Ways to Get Traffic to Your Dropshipping Store
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Dropshipping has been an interest of mine forever! I first started in this ecommerce model around 5-6 years ago. I sold a bunch of different stuff:

  • Used electronics
  • Fashion apparel
  • Home goods
  • Accessories
  • Fashion jewelry

I was so fascinated why EVERYONE was not doing dropshipping! Now, all I hear about is dropshipping.

It has helped many entrepreneurs, myself included, earn hundreds of thousands of dollars while operating a business efficiently, like a well-oiled machine.

Why is it so Awesome?

  1. Little capital startup
  2. No fulfillment duties required (for you)
  3. Easy entry to market
  4. Flexible
  5. Be Your Own Boss

I won’t say it’s SO EASY, but it’s pretty simple for just about anyone to get started in dropshipping.

A few tips:

If you’re interested in being a part time or full time entrepreneur and make a lot of money dropshipping, read on to learn these 8 stupid simple traffic hacks to fuel your dropshipping store!

Build a Dropshipping Empire from Scratch

1.) Influencer Marketing

The #1 “Get Your Marketing Dollars Back” Way to market your store. I used to do this A LOT before influencer marketing was even a term. You work with an influencer to market your store. This is typically on a social media network like Instagram or YouTube. They talk about your store or post a photo and their hundreds of thousands or millions of followers get exposed to your brand.

This results in sales and social media followers for you on that platform. Instagram is very good for this. If you are a fashion dropshipper, you can hold a sale and post a product on an influencer’s feed (this is for a fee usually) and get tons of sales from it!

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The fees vary but can start at around $30 and go up to the $1,000s.

2.) Facebook Ads

8 Stupid Simple Ways to Get Traffic to Your Dropshipping Store

Everybody and their mama knows about Facebook ads now. They are tough, don’t get me wrong, but very effective and can get you AMAZING results if you do it right. As long as I’ve been trialing Facebook ads off and on over the years, I have only had success a handful of times.

If you do it yourself, educate yourself! Invest in a course, watch a guru on YouTube, read articles, to make yourself knowledgeable on how to do it the right way. Test, test, test and start small before you scale up.

If you do it with an expert, make sure you don’t overspend. And, vet the expert, ask for proof and testimonials before you invest your money.

3.) Email marketing

8 Stupid Simple Ways to Get Traffic to Your Dropshipping Store

I know you’ve heard this:

The money is in the list!

Sooooo true, my friend. From the very beginning, I hope you start an email list for your dropshipping store. Something as simple as emailing once a week announcing new products, sales, events, etc. can help you double or triple your sales.

On a former content site I owned with a strong list, any time I wanted to raise a little money for a travel excursion, vacation, shopping, etc. I would just type up a quick email and send to my thousands of subscribers. Boom! Watch my phone light up with PayPal notifications for incoming payments.

Grow your list, nurture your list, harvest your list, do NOT miss out on this friend.

4.) Social Media Marketing (unpaid)

8 Stupid Simple Ways to Get Traffic to Your Dropshipping Store

This is YOU getting active on social networks. Advice: Tackle one network at a time.

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Pick a network, get really active, conquer it, then move on.  I have done this with Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.  Good networks to start with: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter.

Some tricks for getting fans fast:

  • Comment and like on other pages
  • Invite those who liked your post to like your page
  • Take advantage of Facebook ads boost coupons
  • Post often
  • Post a variety of media (posts, text, graphics, infographics, video, etc.)
  • Fill out your business profile (address, logo, url, phone number, etc.)
8 seriously simple traffic hacks for your dropshipping store
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5.) Google Adwords


An underutilized ad route, in my opinion. Adwords is GREAT for ecommerce stores. People are clicking because they are searching for specific terms and see potential in your ad listing that they can find what they are seeking. There are tons of coupons out there for Adwords. Grab one and try it out!

6.) Event marketing

Ok, so I kinda just made up that term, event marketing. This is marketing through events. Host events like product launches, introductions, giveaways, etc. They are a great way to connect to your audience and get traffic back to your store.

7.) Hit up Less Trafficked Social Networks for Ecommerce

Like Reddit, Quora, WeHeartIt, even Poshmark. Join these channels and make a presence for yourself. Follow the advice in #4.

8.) Join Forces

Network and join forces with other entrepreneurs. You can really go far with networking. You can feature eachother on your ecommerce sites, share information, news, tips, etc. I had a business bestie years ago. We met on Instagram, exchanged phone numbers an started texting every day. We learned SO MUCH from eachother! It was a really amazing experience.

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Wrap Up

Go out and try these traffic hacks today! Questions? Hit me up at jenn at millennialmoneymama dot com. Homepage 300x250

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