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Is CashCrate A Scam? Honest Review

Is CashCrate A Scam? Honest Review
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Another review! I absolutely love reviewing websites and being a guinea pig for you guys.

One that I have seen on many ‘survey sites’ lately is CashCrate.

The site promises users you could make money taking surveys, completing offers, and even online shopping or by watching videos.

Sounds perfect right?

Yet, when you search online you get a lot of mixed reviews. Some say the site is a complete scam, others say it is 100% legitimate and you could make some real money off it.

So, lets uncover the truth.


What Exactly Is CashCrate and How Does It Work?!


CashCrate is a free website that allows users to get paid for surveys, play games, and more. Each task pays a couple of cents.

CashCrate has been around since 2006, has five million users and has paid out over $3,000,000. 

Not sure if you caught that, so I will repeat it. $3,000,000 dollars to FIVE MILLION USERS. That’s less than a dollar per user. Seems kind of scam-y, no?

But lets move past that HUGE RED FLAG and keep an open mind.

Regardless of that fact, members have claimed to have earned thousands with CashCrate.


The Sign Up Process


The signup process was pretty straightforward. You enter some basic information about yourself and click ‘Join FREE”


CashCrate Log in page

Once done, you are redirected to another page with offers.

I selected ‘No’ for all, because it just seems like an invitation for spam. So, ‘No” and Submit.


CashCrate Offers



Now, we are at the main dashboard, the first thing I notice (besides the very clear offers), is there is a $20.00 minimum payout.

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Okay, $20.00 seems simple enough, especially if the surveys pay $4.00 like they state below.


Cashcrate Dashboard


So I completed the $0.50 Profile survey, took me less than 2 minutes and I had 50 cents in my account, score!

Also, I confirmed my email address and received another $1. So far so good, I’m at $1.50 with a small time investment of 4 minutes.

After confirming my email, I headed back to my dashboard , clickeed on the Freester survey and was redirected to another site.

On this site I am asked to register and fill out my profile. If I wasn’t writing this blog post, this is probably as far as I would have gotten. I don’t like signing up for 87 different sites and receiving constant spam, but for the sake of blogging I obliged.

After filling out my information and answering some questions, I was not considered a match for the survey. That’s 10 minutes I won’t be getting back.

I repeated this process with two more surveys, again, I wasn’t considered eligible for the surveys.

So I spent approximately 40 minutes on CashCrate and had a whopping $1.50 to show for it. 


Okay, but you can make money in other ways with CashCrate right?!

Yes, it’s technically not just surveys.

You can complete offers. What this means is you sign up for a mailing list, create an account on another website, or even purchase a product in exchange for a couple of bucks.

Cashcrate offers


Paid offers are technically the quickest way to make money on CashCrate, but because you have to provide an email or phone number you are welcoming a lot of spam and unsolicited calls. There are many complaints about this on the internet.

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Some offers even require a credit card for a free trial. You’re very likely to forget to cancel the free trial and be charged. I do NOT recommend putting any credit card information if you choose to do offers. However, those offers do tend to pay them most (up to $10 per offer), make sure to cancel!

Offers that require just an email address pay a couple of cents.


You can make money watching videos too

Sweet! Except the payout is terrible. It amounts to about a dollar per hour. Not really a good time investment. Also, this is only available to users in the United States.


But You Can Make Money Off Referrals

This is actually the only way you can make some money. The referral system is two-levels which causes some to think of it as a MLM (or pyramid selling).

You earn 20% of everything your direct referrals earn and 10% of everything their referrals earn.

But if you are a blogger or affiliate marketer I would be very hesitant to promote a product you don’t believe in. 


So, CashCrate is a Scam then?

No, not really. If you reach the $20 threshold you will receive a check.

However, based on my own experience and other reviews online, I do think the site is a complete waste of time.

At the rate I was going, it would have easily taken me months to reach the $20 minimum, not to mention the hours upon hours of wasted time.

My Honest Advise: Don’t. Bother.

There are plenty of other ways to make money online, CashCrate is not one of them.

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However, if you still want more information on CashCrate and think it might be worth a try –



100% Free

Available Internationally

Extremely lucrative referral system for a survey site


You will likely receive loads of spam and unsolicited calls

You won’t qualify for most surveys

The payment threshold is high

Payments aren’t worth your time




CashCrate is a legitimate company that will pay you once you reach the $20 threshold.

It takes an enormous amount of time to make any realy money with them though. The only real way to make money with CashCrate is through their referral system. Some claim to make over $500 a month from referrals alone (not sure if that’s an incentive for you to sign up through their link though).

If you want to join CashCrate just keep in mind the complaints listed above, and I recommend you make a new email address for all the spam you will receive. You can use that email as your ‘survey’ email. Personally, I won’t be using CashCrate in the future.



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