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How to Make Money Teaching Online with QKids

How to Make Money Teaching Online with QKids
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This post was sponsored by QKids. All opinions are my own.

Are you interested in finding a job that is both rewarding and well-paying? Read on to learn how you could make money teaching students online with QKids.

How It Works

How to Make Money Teaching Online with QKids

QKids partners with teachers to teach English to Chinese students in an online environment.  Over 100K Chinese students between age 5-12 get the connect with online educators: stay at home moms, retired teachers, tutors, etc.

QKids makes it so easy for you to join as an online teacher:

  • No lesson planning required
  • Storytelling and use of games is encouraged
  • Work from home
  • Get started in as little as 3 days!

The Process

It all starts with your application.  There’s an initial screening, 2 demo interviews, trial class, then you’re hired!  You just need these hiring materials:

  • Availability
  • Resume
  • Screenshot of your computer specs
  • Short introduction video (1-2 minutes): Introduce yourself, explain your educational background, where you live, any teaching background

Once hired, all you need are: a computer with webcam, headset with microphone and a stable Internet connection.  Tech requirements? You can do a speed test to test your upload and download speed. You should be at a minimum of 2 Mbps for upload and at least 10 Mbps for download.

What’s It Like To Teach Students Online

How to Make Money Teaching Online with QKids

You get to work from home anywhere, U.S. or Canada. You will be teaching using an interactive gaming-based learning platform. The curriculum include animated games and characters and is preset (no lesson planning).

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Lessons are 30 minutes long and teachers are required to check the classroom equipment 3 minutes  before the lesson.  You will likely see a few new students in each class and no parent communication will be required.

This is a part time job and you’re required to dedicate at least 6 hours/week. The max available is 19 hours/week.

Here are the time slots:

Morning Eastern Time (AM – EST): 6:40-7:10, 7:20-7:50, 8:00-8:30, 8:40-9:10
Plus Friday and Saturday – Night Eastern Time (PM – EST): 8:40-9:10, 9:20-9:50, 10:00-10:30, 10:40-11:10, 11:20-11:50

Your class is set weekly and you can check your upcoming schedule every Sunday evening.

So this is how it’ll be. Pretty cool, right? Now, how much will you earn?

How Much Will You Make

You can earn up to $20 per hour. The base pay is $8 per lesson with attendance and performance bonuses available at $1 each, calculated weekly. Including full bonus, pay is $10/lesson.

You’ll be paid via bank transfer to your U.S. or Canadian bank account no later than the 15th of the month. As an independent contractor with QKids, you’ll be responsible for paying your own taxes.

Wanna See Some Live Teachers and Classroom Setups?

Take a look at these real life classroom backgrounds

How to Make Money Teaching Online with QKids

How to Make Money Teaching Online with QKids


You’ll find a host of resources available on QKids’ blog including teacher stories and helpful tips, like these best practices to creating a great background:

  • Bright room lighting
  • Facing a wall (ideally)
  • Organized, clean and neat

Ready to Get On Board?

How to Make Money Teaching Online with QKids

This job is flexible, part time and offers great pay. If you meet the requirements above (like stable Internet connection, can provide a resume, etc.), apply here!

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Any online teachers have success tips to contribute? Comment down below so we can hear from you!

How to Make Money Teaching Online with QKids
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3 thoughts on “How to Make Money Teaching Online with QKids”

  • Wow this is just information I needed! I was just talking to one of my teacher friends about doing this over the summer. I’m definitely going to look into it some more thanks for the info

  • I’ve been interested in these positions a few times now but the ones I’ve come across require some level of college education. Maybe one day I’ll make the leap. Its a great thing to do and besides that some people make a good chunk of money teaching online!

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