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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Making Money Online

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Making Money Online
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Make The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Making Money Online

It’s 2018! This is your year for making money online. Why make money online? It’s an easy way to earn a nice side hustle or even turn it into your full time gig.

How do I know?

I’ve done it!

I made the leap into online entrepreneurship 5 years ago and I have been trucking along ever since! Read on to learn the ultimate lazy girl’s guide to making money online.

The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Making Money Online Revealed

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Making Money Online

This is for lazy girls who…

  • Want to make extra money
  • Have interest making money online
  • Have no desire to work hard to make money
  • Want to make money from bed
  • Want to make money daily and get paid often
  • Want a legitimate way to earn money indefinitely

What’s the secret strategy?

It’s really no secret. People have been earning income online through this method for years and years. It’s through..

Survey Taking!

Yes, taking surveys.  I know what you’re thinking. Yes you can earn money taking surveys, polls, and focus groups.

But not all survey sites are equal!

I’ve earned hundreds per survey or focus group. There are tons and tons of survey companies to pick from. You can choose a handful, more or less and hit the ground taking surveys.

Here are 3 of my favorites that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you try out.

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These are free to join and you can earn real money fast and easy, no joke.

Vindale Research

I get paid every single month with Vindale. You register right here and get matched with available offers.

I get around $10-$20 in offers daily here. They have a really awesome referral program too.

I’ve spoken to their customer service department many times and they are responsive and professional.

Inbox Dollars

This one is an absolute favorite of mine. It requires very little effort on your part. You literally get paid to watch videos on a tv or on your phone, and earn money.

You watch a couple of videos, answer some questions and then get paid in cash or gift cards. They give you $5.00 free just to Sign up! Ready to get compensated for your Netflix addiction?!


Top CashBack

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Making Money Online

The way this works is, you get cash back on your purchases made through Top Cashback.  So, say you wanna buy some goodies from Amazon, for example.

Instead of visiting directly, you visit Top Cashback and access Amazon through their site. You buy and get awarded your cash back! So easy.

It’s really the only way to shop.

If you’re not shopping like this, get on it!  I’ve read stories of users who participate in programs like this, who choose to accrue their savings all year long and cash out around the holidays for $500-$1,000 in gift cards or cash! I mean, come on! Check it out.

Wrap Up

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Making Money Online

So, it’s easy, you sign up for the sites above, complete surveys and shop online (Top Cashback) and get awarded cash, gift cards, and other goodies.  I personally take the cash offers haha.

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How much can you make?

Easily a few hundred dollars per month.  I have read a few success stories where users make a full time income (to the tune of $2K-$4K per month) but these expert survey takers have been doing it for years with probably some secret tricks up their sleeves for earning that much.

Be realistic here.

This isn’t a quit your day job opportunity. It is a chance to stack up your savings account, use money toward regular expenses like gas and groceries or out of the ordinary expenses like vacation or shopping.

Do you currently take surveys? Share some of your success tips with us down below in comments!

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Making Money Online
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