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How I Get Paid To Surf The Web: Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel Review

How I Get Paid To Surf The Web: Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel Review
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The Nielsen Mobile Panel is a research app that is used in the development of user products and services. Participants are financially rewarded for allowing the researchers access to their online search history. Read my full Nielsen Mobile Panel review below.


What Exactly Is The Nielsen Mobile Panel

The Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is a free program that pays you for doing things you’re already doing. This includes doing homework, watching youtube and checking emails! Once it is set up and running, the only thing you have to do is cash out, making Nielsen Panel an awesome passive income source.

In order to participate in the program, all you have to do is download the app that will monitor your internet activity.

Registration is 100% free.

What Are They Tracking?

They track all sorts of information such as what browsers you use, the speed of your internet and how often you surf the web.

This is how they are able to pay you, they take all your information and sell it to companies that in turn use this information to create (or improve) products and services.


How Much Will I Get Paid?

The Nielsen Mobile Panel gives a $50 reward to its participants. This is a yearly reward.

Best of all? They pay PER device. 

You can set it up on a desktop, tablet, and/or mobile.

The more devices you register, the more you earn.

Currently, I have it set up on two laptops and one tablet and earn a passive income of $150 a year.

Sign Up For Nielsen Mobile Panel Here And Earn $50 For Surfing The Web


Contribute To Market Research

Participants will be contributing to important research regarding internet trends and products. There is also the possibility of earning more than the standard $50 by participating in surveys and registering more devices. There are many prizes and rewards available for participants of Nielsen Mobile Panel. On top of all this, users are automatically entered into sweepstakes.

Nielsen is mostly aimed at mobile users since we (as a society) are spending more and more time on our mobile phones. However you can download it on a PC or laptop and opt out at any time.


Who Are They?

Nielsen Media Research is a very large company that has been in business since 1923 (that’s 95 years!). They are a US based firm that monitors media audiences and tracks trends and patterns. They provide research on audiences of television, radio, theater, newspapers, and (recently) mobile devises.

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Why Should I Participate?

Overall, it’s pretty cool to make money from doing what you do for free!

I choose to participate because I like contributing to market research and improving products.

There is a very obvious negative to this company and it is the fact it is tracking your data. However, rest assured, Nielsen is a well established (95 years!!) and highly reputable company. There are plenty of market research companies out there, but Nielsen is among the best in the industry.

All apps you download (games, google maps, yelp, etc.) track most of the data you are allowing Nielsen to track. And they re doing this quietly in the background without you getting compensated.

Have you ever wondered why ads are so specific to your needs? Why Facebook seems to always show you things your interested in? Because they are tracking your data! Most companies do this, why not get paid for it?


How Do I Get Started?

Getting started with Nielsen Mobile Panel is a very straight forward process. Simply click here and then click on ‘Get Started.” Fill out the short survey and once done verify your email address.

Once verified, you will be asked to register the devices you will be using. You can go back at any point in time and add more devices.

Once done, you will install the application. Depending on what device you are using, this process will be different for many of you. Nielsen walks you through the process based on what device you are on and it takes just a couple of minutes.

Once downloaded, you can go into the application at any time and make sure it says ‘Active.” If it doesn’t, you won’t get paid! So double check it is on!

Once you are sure all your registered devices are active, you are done. Points will start to accumulate on your account.

There is a cash out minimum of $5.00 (or 805 points). You can claim the price in their rewards section at any time in the year. You don’t have to wait to hit $50!

Sign Up For Nielsen Mobile Panel Here And Earn $50 For Surfing The Web


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Is It Legit Or A Scam?

From personal experience, I can say Nielsen is 100% legitimate.

Nielsen is an incredibly reputable company with a long history. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

No, you won’t get rich. But you will put an extra $50 a year (per device) in your pocket just for signing up!

Is It Worth It?

I honestly think it is. I absolutely love passive income apps, but there are a lot of scams out there so I didn’t know exactly what I was signing up for when I first installed the app. But I always found Nielsen to be very honest and straightforward. They don’t tell you you’ll make thousands or win huge prizes (if it sounds too good to be true, it almost always is!). You know what you’re getting with them and they don’t make it hard to receive payment.

I installed the app a couple months ago and completely forgot about it. When I logged back in to check it, I had enough points for a $25 amazon gift card! It’s like a Christmas present you forget is even there.


Is Nielsen Secure?

This was my main concern before downloading the app. I had so many questions. What are they monitoring? Will the app slow down my computer? Are they collecting personal data?

Rest assured, security is a top priority at Nielsen. They don’t collect user ID’s, credit cards, location, or any other type of sensitive data.

In a practical sense, the data collected by the application is no different to the data collected by search engines and other websites. It is exclusively used to improve on services provided to you (and others) and should never interfere in your operation of the computer or internet.


Will I Be Anonymous?

100%! Your personal information, such as name and data, are kept secret and encrypted. The data they gather from you is placed with all the other data to form research papers, graphs, analysis etc. and no individual will have access to your personal information at any time. Also, Nielsen promises they won’t sell your information so you will never receive advertisements or promotional offers for signing up.


Do I Have To Put In A Credit Card?

NO! The application is absolutely free to download and you don’t have to provide a credit card number at any point.

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All you have to do with Nielsen Mobile Panel is fill out a survey and download the app. Once downloaded, you can forget it’s even there and browse the internet as you normally do.


Can I Opt Out At Any Time?

Yes you can. At any point you can opt out of the service and it won’t affect the amount of money you’e already earned. There is no penalty.


Can I Have Multiple Accounts In My Home?

Yes, as long as you don’t reach the device limit for a specific population, you can download it on multiple devices and increase your earnings.


What Are Some Other Sites That Operate Similarly To Nielsen?

You aren’t limited to just using Nielsen, in fact there are plenty of similar sites out there that operate in a similar manner allowing you to put some extra money in your pocket for little to no effort on your part.


This one is very similar, but it tracks your order history on amazon.

It only takes 2 minutes to register and you get a $3.00 sign up bonus. Once you’ve signed up, you just answer a basci 5 question survey about your Amazon shopping habits.

Once done, you just link your Amazon account and you’ll automatically receive $3.00 as an Amazon gift card. For every month you leave the app running, you get an additional $3.00, that’s a total of $36.00 a year just for granting them access to you amazon order history.



Passive income apps are a great way to add some extra money to your pocket. Once they are set up, they require little to no work on your part.

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is one of the most reputable and well-known research companies in the market today and are an excellent app that I stand behind 100%.

Have you signed up for Nielsen? Or have you worked with a similar app in the past? Share your experience below!


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