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Pinterest Marketing Strategies and Small Business Automation Tools

Pinterest Marketing Strategies and Small Business Automation Tools
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Note: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Over the past month, I’ve been experimenting with a Pinterest automation tool that I discovered
and have been extremely pleased with the results. The tool is called TrafficWonker, and I’m
happy to introduce you to the founder, Andy Fling, to talk all things Pinterest and the principles
behind his automated scheduling tool.

Jenn: Welcome Andy!

Andy: Thanks! I’m super excited to be sharing Pinterest tips, and thrilled to introduce
TrafficWonker to everyone.

Jenn: Sounds great, but before all that, let’s talk about you. Who is Andy Fling and what is it
that you do?

Andy: I grew up in Arizona, and went to Arizona State University to learn to be a music teacher. I
taught in public and Christian schools for 14 years and then decided to launch – an elementary music resource site for teachers and students. Within four
years it was the #1 site for elementary music education and ranked within the top 1% of all sites,
according to

Pinterest Marketing Strategies and Small Business Automation Tools

Jenn: Wow! So where did the idea for a Pinterest pin scheduler come from?

Andy: With increasing competition, I felt like I needed an edge. I looked around at what was out
there, but I didn’t find anything that was going to solve my two big problems:

1) I’m one guy, so I didn’t want to spend an hour each week filling my queue.
2) All the pin schedulers that I found asked you to guess what would be the best time to post.

One of them recommends a schedule, but it’s a guess too. I wanted something better.
It was then that I decided to build TrafficWonker. My basic idea was to build a scheduler that
would loop so I didn’t need to refill my over and over again, and it would schedule pins
throughout the day so there was no guesswork.

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I wouldn’t be picking this time or that time. My pins would be posted every 10 minutes through the day, so they were always present in the
Pinterest SmartFeed.

Jenn: That’s awesome. Andy, we have a wide range of people that visit our site, and many of
them are one woman businesses just like you were with, ranging from
beginner to advanced. Let’s say somebody is brand new. They just built their website. What’s
the most important thing they should know about Pinterest marketing?

Andy: A mistake many Pinterest marketers make is thinking Pinterest is a social media site. It is
a little, because you can comment on pins. However, it’s really more of a search engine
like Google. When you wrap your head around this idea you begin to see how important it is to
know your keywords.

Jenn: Great point. Pinterest even tells you what keywords are most important. All you need to
do is make note of the search box drop down for suggestions or check out the keywords in
Pinterest Guided Search.

Andy: Yep. You can check other tools like Google’s AdWords Keyword tool, but when you’re
optimizing your Pinterest account, it’s best to stick with keywords that Pinterest says are

Pinterest Marketing Strategies and Small Business Automation Tools

Jenn: That’s great direction for beginners. Is there anything you could share that will help our
more advanced social media marketers?

Andy: Yep. We’ve been conducting data-based research since we launched TW. Our most
important study is, “The Science of Scheduling Pinterest Pins.” We tested posting 72 pins per
day, 36 pins per day (50% less), and 108 pins per day (50% more).

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The study overwhelmingly determined the 72 pins a day attracted the most engagement. You would think the more the
better, but at some point Pinterest says, “We’ve seen enough from that dude (or dudette),” and
they don’t show any more of your pins in the SmartFeed.

Jenn: I’ve certainly seen the value of publishing 72 pins per day with TrafficWonker. My repin
rate has been very good.

Andy: Daily clicks matter too because they result in sales. However, daily clicks shouldn’t be a
primary focus in Pinterest marketing. Instead, your focus should be on repins and the long haul.
Repins build “points of entry” to your site – points from which people can click and get to your
site, and they help you rank higher in Pinterest search engine results.

Jenn: We’ve talked a little about TrafficWonker already. Could you share a little more about this
tool, and why you choose the tag line, “Less Work. Better Results.”

Andy: Sure. TrafficWonker is such a unique scheduler that it was difficult to define it in a few
words, but “Less Work. Better Results.” did the trick.

Because TrafficWonker queue is always looping, you’ll never run out of pins. You’re not stuck in
a never ending cycle of filling and refilling your queue. You’ll also never miss an opportunity to
connect with a customer because your queue was empty.

TrafficWonker also features an autodelete tool helps you maintain duplicate free boards. There’s nothing you need to do. That sums
up the “Less Work” part of things.

There are several reasons why we say, “Better Results,” but mostly it’s because TrafficWonker
is built to help you post up to 72 pins a day to make maximum engagement both easy and

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Jenn: When you create your TrafficWonker account and get the queue it’s a blank slate. Could
you share a little about how to get in scheduling pins?

Andy: Most things are straight forward, and it’s very easy to get started. To add pins, click the
+Add Pin button. By default, your pins are ready to be posted as soon as they are added to your
queue. If you want to get fancy, you can drag and drop your pins to different post times, pick a
different schedule based on your niche, or set a different interval between posts.

Jenn: So if anybody is interested, where should they go to check it out?

Andy: You can visit to sign up for a free 30-day no-credit-card trial. If you
have questions about anything or need help, just shoot us an email.

Jenn: Awesome. Thank you so much for your time, Andy. See you on social media!

Pinterest Marketing Strategies
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