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Pinterest Traffic Avalanche: A Honest Review

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche: A Honest Review
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If you’re a blogger, you’ve probably seen Pinterest Traffic Avalanche at some point. And if you’re anything like me, you are skeptical that the course is worth the money.

But because I live and breathe Pinterest, plus a big part of my blog is purchasing and reviewing products for fellow bloggers (and mommas), I shelled out the $197 and dove right in.

So, what exactly is Pinterest Traffic Avalanche?!

I first encountered the founders Alex and Lauren on (gasp) Pinterest. They run a successful fitness blog, Avocadu, that has over 130k Pinterest followers and generates over $100,000 a month in profit.

With the success of their fitness blog, they launched Create and Go, which is all about launching a successful blog, generating traffic, and making money. They didn’t start off blogging about blogging. In their first year of running Avocadu, they generated $103,458. For many of us, six figures in our first year of blogging is the dream!

Alex and Lauren are very knowledgeable, experienced, and personable.

Alex and Lauren get most of their traffic from Pinterest, in fact, you’ll learn in the course that they don’t even focus on Google. They optimize all their posts and graphics for Pinterest and generate over 400k visitors a month.

They show a screenshot of their backend that proves they get over 400k (sometimes even 900k when a pin goes viral!) a MONTH! These stats are crazy!

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Stats

Their numbers are incredibly impressive.

I definitely liked that they created these courses after they were successful with their fitness blog. They have taken all their strategies and success from Avocadu and are sharing their tips and tricks in their courses.

The fact they have a successful blog in a niche that isn’t blogging is very important to me!


What’s Inside The Course?


Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is divided into nine modules which are made up of videos, texts, resources, and downloadable files like spreadsheets for planning your Pinterest strategy. It is a self-paced course that you can complete on your own schedule.

The course goes into great detail about all things Pinterest. From laying the foundation for success to creating viral content and automating your Pinterest strategy.

The course even offers some great bonuses such as tips for collecting emails, how to monetize a post, and how to create review articles for affiliate products.

There are hours of content and actionable steps that you can start TODAY

Here is the course outline:

  • Tools and Downloads
    • Private Support Group
    • Pin Schedule Planner
    • Pinterest Beginner Checklist
    • Viral Pin Checklist
    • Follower Tracker Spreadsheet
    • Our Favorite Resources
  • Introduction to the Program
    • Welcome to Pinterest Traffic Avalanche!
    • Your Focus Strategy
  • Updates and Algorithm Changes
    • Introduction to Updates
    • New Features Being Tested
    • New Pin Metrics
  • Laying the Foundation to Pinterest Success
    • Pinterest Demographics, Tips, and Guidance
    • Successful “Guy-Focused” Brands on Pinterest
    • Broad Brand Focus with Subtopics
    • Beginning With the End in Mind
  • Getting Started and Setting Up Your Account for Success
    • Setting Up Your Account for Success
    • Applying for Rich Pins
    • Pinterest SEO 101 – What is SEO?
    • Pinterest SEO 201
    • Designing Your Profile and Boards
  • Creating Viral Content on Pinterest
    • What Makes Pins Stand Out
    • Creating Curiosity to Increase Clicks to Your Website
    • Tips for Creating New Pins
    • Creating Viral Topics and Headlines
    • Creating Stunning Pins Using Canva
    • How to Avoid Pinterest Jail
  • The Power of Group Boards
    • The Importance of Group Boards
    • Finding and Joining Group Boards
    • When to Leave Group Boards
  • Automating Your Pinterest Traffic
    • Pinning Strategies
    • Overview of Scheduling Pins
    • How to Schedule Pins Using Tailwind
    • How to Use the Excel Pin Schedule Planner
    • Social Warfare Plugin
  • Promoting Pins
    • The Basics of Promoting Pins
    • How to Create a Promoted Pin
  • Analytics and Tracking Progress
    • Pinterest Analytics
    • Tools to Track Website Stats
    • Tailwind Analytics
    • Overview of Boardbooster
  • Pinterest Ninja Secrets
    • Ninja Secret #1: Pain Before Gain
    • Ninja Secret #2: Shotgun Theory
    • Ninja Secret #3: Email Collection Secrets & Strategies
    • Ninja Secret #4: Stop Pinning Other People’s Content
  • BONUS – Six-Figure Blogger Content
    • The Strategy Behind a Six-Figure Blogging Business
    • Light Monetization: Sponsored Posts and Ads
    • Affiliate Marketing vs. Creating Your Own Products
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What I Loved About The Course

Lauren and Alex have a great attention to detail! Everything is so through and because most of the sections are in video format, there is little room to misunderstand them.

They go extremely in depth on Pinterest SEO. Most of the free articles you’ll find online will just tell you to type in keywords into the Pinterest search bar, and although that’s not bad advise, Pinterest Traffic Avalanche goes much, much deeper than that.

The course is so thorough. Every topic imaginable is included. They go into Rich pins, Boards, Group Board, Schedulers, how to avoid Pinterest Jail. Everything and anything you could possibly be wondering about Pinterest, it is covered.

And if you have a question that isn’t covered, Lauren is very active in the private Facebook group and always answering student questions.

The course is regularly updated. Lauren and Alex take into account all the algorithm and scheduler changes (RIP Boardbooster) and are constantly updating their course with new videos and information. In fact, I went back to the course to refresh my memory and found a brand new video I hadn’t seen before. Plus you get a lifetime access, so you can always keep up with the latest changes on Pinterest.

They explain why following the old 80/20 rule is a waste. The 80/20 rule states to pin 80% others pins and 20% your own and some bloggers swear by it. Alex and Lauren pin 90%-95% their own content, and after implementing this strategy alone, I saw a spike in traffic. It makes sense, your time is valuable and you can’t spend it curating other peoples pins. I now pin anywhere from 80% to 90% my own pins.

Their Ninja Secrets are gold. I think the Ninja Secrets are easily the best part of the course, especially tips 1 and 2. Pins that I have created using these two strategies in mind get 3x more clicks than pins that don’t have the strategy! After reading these sections, I have completely changed the way I create both pins and blog posts.


Last, but certainly not least: Lauren and Alex themselves are very personable. They don’t give off an arrogant vibe treating you like they know everything and you know nothing. You can tell they love what they do and pout their heart and soul into it.


What I Didn’t Love


The course is very beginner friendly. This might be a pro for some of you, but I’ve been on Pinterest for a loooooong time and the first couple of sections were tedious since I knew most of it. It’s great they go into detail, but if you’re not completely new to Pinterest, you can skip a couple of sections without any harm.


Alex and Lauren completely dismiss Google as a source of traffic. I believe blogging is a long term game, especially if you want to make money from it. And yes, it is harder to rank in Google, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t optimize your blog posts for it. I always make sure to optimize my posts the best I can for google, even though you don’t see organic traffic on a post for a couple of months, it doesn’t mean it should be dismissed. I have two blog posts that rank well on google and bring me consistent traffic without any effort on my part.



Did Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Work For Me?


I rushed through Pinterest Traffic Avalanche and finished the entire course in a matter of days. As many of you know, I have had multiple blogs in the past and have been on Pinterest for a couple of years, so most of the topics weren’t exactly foreign to me.

But Pinterest has been updating it’s algorithms and I found myself struggling to generate traffic. My traffic hadn’t taken a complete nose-dive, but it definitely was going down slowly.

So I decided to give their strategies a fair trial. I spent one month optimizing and creating brand new pins to follow their tips, especially the Ninja Secrets.

After one month, my results were:

  • 2x Pinterest referrals
  • 13,872 pageviews vs. 6,780 (prev month)
  • 1 viral pin! Generated a huge spike in traffic
  • 189 new subscribers

Not too shabby! My pageviews are consistently increasing, and although these numbers are nothing close to the 400k a month Lauren and Alex generate, I am extremely happy my traffic is going up again. Pinterest continues to be my #1 source of traffic sending my anywhere from 400 to 700 referrals a day.


Will Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Work For You?


The course is an investment, and although I do not regret spending the money one bit, I have to be honest and say I think the course isn’t for everyone. The course will work for you if:


  • You want to monetize your blog. If your blog is a hobby and you have zero intent on making money off it, there is no reason to pay such a premium price for this course. If you want to make your blog into a business, then you shouldn’t turn your nose up at the power of Pinterest, and this course teaches you everything you need to know about Pinterest.
  • You are committed to making Pinterest a priority. I have stopped focusing on other sources of traffic, such as Facebook and Twitter because I get such little (or none) return on investment.
  • Your traffic has plateaued. I’ve been there! If you have been blogging for awhile and can’t seem to increase your page views, you need some new tactics to generate traffic. The strategies Lauren and Alex provide can not be found anywhere else online. The Ninja Secrets alone are worth the courses price on their own.
  • You have a lot of blog posts (or plan to create a lot). Pinterest is a numbers game, the more posts/pins you have, the greater the chances are of generating traffic. Regardless of how good your Pinterest strategy is, you will never get a lot of traffic with only 10-15 blog posts up.
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If you are starting from zero and just entering the blogging world, this course is a godsend. It will help you lay a solid foundation and save valuable time. You will see some drastic growth on Pinterest.

Now, if you’ve been on Pinterest for awhile, this course won’t make you go viral. It will however give you some new strategies and fill in some gaps in your knowledge. I saw some great growth in my one month experiment just by implementing a couple of their tips.

I do however believe having a lifetime access to their updates is incredibly valuable. Pinterest will continue to change their algorithms and us bloggers need to adapt. Going to the course and the Facebook group to discuss changes and tips is worth every penny to me. 

I don’t have time to figure out the new algorithm changes, and being able to talk to my internet friends about it is worth the course price and then some.

Investing in courses is one of the best ways to always be ahead of the game and I do believe Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is worth it. Whether you are a newbie blogger or a pro, you will get value from this course.


If you have any questions about Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, comment below!


Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

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