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The Secret Way to Make Real Money Using Surveys (with Proof)

The Secret Way to Make Real Money Using Surveys (with Proof)
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The Secret Way to Make Real Money Using Surveys (with Proof)

The Secret Way to Make Real Money Using Surveys (with Proof)
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I know, I know. “Surveys?” I know you’re thinking that. Yes, surveys. They are a great source of extra income and super easy and free to get started with. Read on to see how I make money with surveys, including proof.

Making Money with Surveys

Ok, so many people gripe about surveys. Taking 30 minutes to complete a $1.50 offer is equivalent to like, $3/hour. How many would you have to take to earn a few hundred dollars? A lot, right. Right!

There’s a right way to earn a good amount of money fast with surveys. I’ll show you how.

First, I want you to know that surveys are not a way to replace your income. I’ve read a story here and there about people earning upwards of $4K from surveys every month. Is this legit? Maybe. But, keep in mind, those people have probably been survey takers for years and years and years.  Sometimes, the longer you are with a company, the more perks you get or the higher your pay.

For example, Survey Company A may pay around $50/month for 12 surveys but if you have been taking surveys with them for a decade, you may qualify for rate increases that make your rate $300/month.

Make sense?

Not saying this is the case but there is definitely a lot unsaid when it comes to truly revealing how some make so much money with surveys.

Here’s how I do it.

How I Make Money with Surveys

The Secret Way to Make Real Money Using Surveys (with Proof)

I am totally inconsistent with surveys. To make the most money, you want to get organized and put yourself on a schedule. I’m a busy entrepreneur, wife to disabled veteran and mama to a disabled 5 year old. My life is BUSY, to say the least. But, I really enjoy sharing my opinion and helping companies improve so I take a survey here and there.

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I opt for higher paying offers. Why? Because it has to make sense for me. My time is valuable and not that a $.50 offer is not as valuable as a $50 offer but if I am forking over 30 minutes of my time, for example, it has to count. That’s really how I see it.

Who’s with me?

Here’s a company I’ve been with for a long time. Look at my balance..

The payout threshold is $50, then you can cash out via check or Paypal. It’s so easy to hit $50. You could probably hit it in a week. I’ve gotten so many $50+ payments. I wish I could post screenshots of my payouts.

They offer a $2 signup bonus. It’s free to join (as all reputable survey sites should be) and you’ll love the streamlined, easy to navigate dashboard. This company is Vindale Research.

Here is a list of some other companies that pay well that I recommend:

Dosh Cash

Ok, so technically Dosh is not a survey site but this is why they made the list.

I just heard of  Dosh recently, like real recently, just a few weeks ago. It’s a cash back site.

Have you seen cash back sites lately?

How it works: You shop through the site or app to earn cashback.

Imagine you wanna buy something from Bestbuy. Instead of visiting Best Buy’s site, you visit a cashback site, access Bestbuy through that site, it launches the Bestbuy website and then you purchase your goods.

Dosh rewards you a cashback percentage on your buy. If Bestbuy’s cashback rate is 7% then you get 7% of your purchase back.

Example: You buy an Ipad for $350. You get 7% cashback, or $24.50. 

You should be doing ALL your shopping this way! Another site I love for this is TopCashBack. They work the same way.

Dosh is cool because they give you $5 to sign up. Really, $5! No strings attached. Then, you browse their stores and do your online shopping like normal.

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You can get cash back deposited to your bank account or via PayPal. Easy!

This is an app, so you’ll need to download it using your cell phone. It’s a free app. There are no fees for using it. I personally use it. Check it out!


This company is for cashback, not surveys necessarily. Wait! Before you stop reading, let me tell you more.  You earn cash on your online purchases. So, those half a dozen times you shop on Amazon during the month, those one off purchases at Best Buy, JCPenney, Old Navy, online and other retailers. You can get cash back on all of it!

Just sign up for free, click the retailer name on TopCashBack site, which routes you to your destination online site. Once you purchase, TopCashBack verifies and then you get credit right to your account.

I recently read a story from another blogger who used a site like this and saved all her cashback for the year to cash out a $500 Amazon gift card at Christmas to take care of all her shopping. How sweet, right? Read my full review on the company right here.


Definitely worth mentioning as they pay $50 a pop for each video survey you complete. Bank! Hold your horses there. I’ve been with the company for about a year, it feels like and I have not gotten selected for a single video survey. They seem to always have opportunities available and they have a really sweet refer a friend program so it might be worth referring friends and family, just for the cash they’ll pay you. There’s an app too and of course, free to join.


These guys have higher paying panels and survey offers. I just completed my first one for $110 but I get emails about offers all the time, ranging from $35 to hundreds, really. They paid me via PayPal within 2 days of completing the survey. Legit!

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How to Scope Out Great Offers

One of the very best places to find high paying opportunities is actually Twitter. There are a ton of survey companies that tweet their opportunities. They also share on Facebook and other social media but I always just start at Twitter. Once you find one good company, look at the related Twitter users and you’ll likely find more.

Final Thoughts

The Secret Way to Make Real Money Using Surveys (with Proof)

There you have it! My best advice to help you grab some great offers.  Once you get going with completing surveys, you might find that you get notified for some other cool offers. Like recently, I got a $80 offer from my local bank to complete an in-person study. Super cool.

Oh, one last thing! This company saved for last. They have $20 to $200 survey offers for various panels. Their refer a friend program is killer too, fetching $50 per person you refer who completes a study. Click here to sign up for free. See below for a sneak peek of some previous offers

Have some other survey companies to share? Contribute to the conversation. Comment down below so I can your company to the list!



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